Sales and Finance Cross-Functional User Group

Anaplan Community

Tuesday, May 12, 2020, 5:00 – 6:00 PM UTC


About this event

Anaplan would like to invite customers and Community members to come together to share best practices and questions/challenges related to using Anaplan to support Sales and/or Finance organizations.

Given current volatile market conditions, it’s more important than ever these two groups collaborate and cooperate together. Sales and Finance members may have slightly different objectives, but everyone can agree all business enterprises need revenue and liquidity to survive.

This virtual session is intended to bring together Anaplan users from Sales, Finance and other operational groups that may support these functions. Users will learn from one another and gain practical tips on how to enable more effective revenue planning and forecasting.

Open discussion will be facilitated by Anaplan and Slalom, but no formal presentation or demo will be provided. 

Questions related to this session

  • What common challenges do you/your organization share between Sales and Finance?

  • In what areas are these teams collaborating or cooperating well? Where are you struggling?
  • What types of models are currently helping you navigate volatility?
  • What are you missing to manage cash flow and model spending?
  • What would you need to model revenue forecasting and/or sales planning (territories, quotas, capacity, accounts, etc.)?