Anaplan Live! December 2020

Anaplan Community Experience (ACE)

Wednesday, December 9, 2020, 3:00 – 7:30 PM UTC


About this event

Boost Your Model Building Expertise Through Interactive Sessions At Anaplan Live!

Anaplan Live! is a virtual event packed with valuable insights from top Anaplan experts and thought leaders. Designed with model builders, end users, and even new learners in mind, the event lets attendees interact in real-time with presenters and fellow Anaplanners. You get all the benefits of an in-person event in an easy-to-navigate virtual conference experience. Register for the event, save the date, and join us LIVE to boost your model building expertise through a day of learning and knowledge sharing!

When is Anaplan Live!?

  • December 9, 2020 from 10:00 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. CST (Attendees can join up to 15 minutes prior to the event.)

What's on the agenda?

Join our host Chris Weiss on the main stage to kick off the day. Then, choose an educational path that aligns with your needs (or hop around). In between sessions, visit our virtual booths. Our educational paths include:

  • Anaplan Foundations: Designed for beginner model builders and those progressing through their model building learning journeys, this path will help you get started with the Anaplan fundamentals, including taking your first steps in the Anaplan platform and discovering the most commonly used calculation functions.
  • Anaplan UX: Bring your Anaplan UX expertise to the next level by following along in a UX-based build-along, and discover the top and latest UX functionality in a feature review.
  • Anaplan Model Building: Gain valuable insights on daily model-building activities, focused on data integration and daily business processes.
  • Model Building Theory: Learn about advanced planning methodologies from Anaplan experts, featuring Application Lifecycle Management and the Planual v2.0.
In between sessions, attendees get 15 minutes to visit our participating booths. Meet live with presenters in eight informative booths:
  • Anaplan Community
  • HyperModels
  • Enhanced Calc Engine
  • Anaplan Talent Builder & Anaplan Access
  • Anaplan Academy
  • Predictive Insights
  • Anaplan Extensions
  • Plan IQ

After the education sessions, join Anaplan Live! host Chris Weiss as he sits down with Chief Planning Officer Simon Tucker to debut a toolkit that will help model builders deploy advanced modeling functionalities regardless of their current level of certification—with exclusive early access for Anaplan Live! attendees.

Finally, conclude your time by interacting with like-minded peers in one of our Anaplan Group meetups. Groups hosting meetups include Chicago, Modelers Forum UK, and Sales.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I register?

  1. If you haven't already, log in to your Anaplan Community account. (Don't have an account yet? Create one now!)
  2. After logging in, click "Register" on this page to register for Anaplan Live!.
  3. Complete and submit the form. After you register, you'll receive a confirmation email with an event link. You can visit this page before the event to set your agenda. 
  4. On the day of the event, you will receive an email with a link that takes you directly to the live event.
  5. Add the event to your calendar by either downloading the calendar item in your preferred format (iCal, Outlook, Google, etc.) from the registration confirmation page or opening and saving the attached calendar item in your registration confirmation email. (In either case, check to make sure the calendar item is in your correct time zone.)

How do I attend Anaplan Live!?

To attend the event, click the link you received in your confirmation email or return to this page. You can join, leave, and re-join the event at any time.

Be sure to comment on the action during the event and give our presenters a shoutout on LinkedIn by using the #AnaplanLive hashtag. Participants who post on LinkedIn with the event hashtag will be entered into a prize package drawing.

Will this be recorded?

Anaplan Live! is a fully live and interactive experience. Therefore, while short segments of the event may be posted throughout the Community in the future, the full session recordings will not be made available following the event. You must be present to benefit from the Anaplan Live! segments, interactivity, and networking with others in the Anaplan Community.

This doesn't work for my timezone, so what about me?

We are working on providing future opportunities for our members all across the globe.

What technology do I need?

Anaplan Live! will be hosted in a live virtual conference tool. Please review the following to ensure the best possible experience:

  1. We recommend you use Google Chrome to attend the event. Safari, Firefox, and Edge are supported but may produce performance issues.
  2. If your internet connection is not strong, we recommend closing out any applications or devices that might be utilizing bandwidth during the event, such as streaming video or music, other video calls, or online gaming.
  3. When you first log in to the event, be sure to grant Chrome access to your camera and microphone. In order to avoid conflicts, close any other browser tabs that might be using audio or video before logging in.
  4. For more information on troubleshooting, read this article.
  5. To learn more about how to navigate the event platform, view our Virtual Event Guide video below.